Good bases make good homes
During a full home renovation, sometimes work is needed on the foundation to expand it or strengthen it. Without a good foundation, your entire home could be at risk. This is especially true in California because earthquakes are always a worry. If you’re worried about the strength of your foundation, let us come out and inspect it to see if it meets modern building codes.

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Jim C.

" Brian comes with excellent experience, an eye for quality, and a myriad of contacts for subcontractors of equal quality. He was easy to work with, and he did a great job with high quality at a fair price. Later, when I called him on something else I was working on, he was able to suggest a quality subcontractor for that project. "

Kathy S.

" Detail oriented, very clean on his jobsites, great communicator with clients, and his projects tend to run on time. For me, they are the whole package. There's a competence level and a calmness with him. He's easy to work with."