About us

When you hire a general contractor to build or upgrade your home, you want it to last a lifetime. We rely on our homes to bring us security, structure, and beauty into our lives. This means they need to be built with quality in mind. At Brian Fitzmaurice General Contracting, quality is our watchword. It’s why we’ve been able to compete in the Bay Area for 30 years working on some of the finest homes in the area. It’s no wonder then that our feedback has been so good from our clients. If you are looking to remodel your home and want to make sure it’s done right the first time, you owe it to yourself to call us for an estimate.

Our founder started inspecting buildings with his father, a structural engineer, while he was growing up. He got to see first-hand the differences between bad and good construction techniques and why quality was more than a matter of beauty, but also safety and durability.


When he went to apprentice he connected with carpenters who specialized in fine homes and did good work in the community, growing his skills until he reached a point when he could build his own team.


He chooses his staff and his subcontractors with extreme care. This is why all of the teams he uses have been part of his network for at least a decade. He only hires or contracts people who have the same love of quality that he does.

Tom S.

" I highly recommend him. What I really appreciated about this work is that he always brought my husband and myself into the decision making. He worked very well with us. He worked with us to be certain we were satisfied. I think he's a great remodeling contractor. I liked the fact that whenever there were decisions to be made, he included us. I appreciate that he looked for our input. "

Mike M.

" He is very responsible. He has very good ideas, and is very practical. He doesn't always come up with the most expensive solution which is really great. He has a great team of workers, and they do really clean work. He did a great job of keeping me informed on the progress of the work, when it would be done, and any problems that would come up. Overall, he is very responsible and capable. He's a good problem solver. "