Keep your privacy in a beautiful way
As the old saying goes, good fences make good neighbors. Many of our decking customers want new fencing that matches the deck, and this is a service we do provide. If you wish to upgrade your current fence, we can show you options that will work with your property lines and desired features. Contact us for more details.

Fences‚Äč Gallary

Janet B.

" Brian is very skilled and extremely good at motivating his workers. He's very thoughtful, and he works things out with you to get the best value in your price range. He is 100% honest and 100% clear about costs. He's absolutely superb. Their skills, honesty, and integrity "

Ella C.

" That they can feel totally comfortable with Brian and his crew coming into your house, he's trustworthy. Also, I'm kind of a neat freak. They did such a good job at keeping my living space as clean as possible during the work period. We were sleeping in the guest room, which has a white carpet, and Brian put a sticky mat in front of the room so that when we came in, we could dislodge any dirt or dust from the construction before walking on the white carpet. He did other protective measures as well. "